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Since 1997, the Electronic House Call (EHC) has been my way to share personal observations, insights and general items of interest to the hospitality community. It is a short format that can be read in just a couple of minutes (who has time to digest pages of text anyway?)

EHC Weekly E-LetterIn case you are wondering about whether there is value here for you, take a look at some comments from EHC subscribers. Even though the EHC is free, there are still a few things you might want to know before you subscribe:

Privacy Policy:
Your name and contact information will never be made available to any third party. Period. You can access the detailed Privacy Policy by clicking the link at the bottom of every page of the website.

Political Correctness:
Not going to happen. I do not set out to intentionally annoy anyone, but the EHC will always be a means for me to express what I see and what I think it means. You may or may not agree with me, but your agreement -- while reassuring -- it is not required. My purpose is to get you to think in a slightly different way ... or at least become aware of your own preconceived ideas. That is not always comfortable. It can, however, be quite productive.

Commercial Policy:
I do not want EHC to become overly commercial ... AND I reserve the right to include brief notes about specific events, products, services and subscriber-only deals from time to time. If you have a philosophical aversion to such offers, just know that I typically put them toward the end of the issue or in the margins so you aren't forced to read them and risk offending your tender sensibilities. (The EHC is free but I still have a mortgage. Get over it!)

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