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Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor, speaker, consultant, authorHere are a few articles to stimulate your thinking and expand your professional perspective. These articles are copyrighted but permission is hereby granted for their non-commercial use provided that credit is given to Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor along with a reference to the website address.

Toward More Productive Staff Meetings
The Best Employer in Town
Fix the System, Not the People

How Rules are Made
It's Stupid to be Too Smart
Understand Your Real Job

Tips and Tipping in the Real World
What is a Guest Worth?
And the Truth Shall Set You Free!

It's Always a People Problem
Recruiting Requisites
Re-Thinking Foodservice Positions

The Importance of Complaints
Play the Ball!
Everybody Needs a Hero

Guest Recognition
Pre-Determined Ideas

What's Your Problem?
What Do You Think?
Coaching Skills

Better Than You Have to Be
Recycling Restaurants
Why Workers Leave

Delivering High Level Service
The Terrible Twos
Dollars and Sense (PDF file)