Restaurant Doctor Hospitality Resources

Where's The Doc?

This calendar is provided so you'll know when I'm available or when I will be in your area (in case you would like to tie in a house call for your organization). It does not typically show dates on hold but as yet unconfirmed.


March 21 Seattle, WA USHI Management Development Intro
March 23 Portland, OR USHI Management Development Intro
March 26-27 Poughkeepsie, NY Ginsberg's Foods
April 2-4 Fairbanks, AK North Star Dining
April 11 Seattle, WA MDP Foundation Program
April 13 Portland, OR MDP Foundation Program
April 16-19 Waterford, WI River City Recreation
April 23-28 Omaha, NE Schuck's Restaurants
December 14-28 Lisbon, Portugal Annual Corporate Meeting


last update 3/21/17