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Staff Manual
Offered in a set with the Human Resources Manual

The Staff Manual contains all the basic information about the company that every member of the staff needs to be a functioning part of the company culture. Much of it is information covered verbally in the staff orientation session along with a summary of other helpful information the new worker will want to know. It is written in an informal, conversational style to make it easier and more interesting to read. A staff manual is an essential part of a retention program.

The Staff Manual and Human Resources Manual I offer were originally developed for my own account. They will certainly have to be modified to fit your operation but it is always easier to edit than it is to create. It took me six months to write them and I wasn't trying to run a restaurant at the same time!

My Law of Creative Laziness ("Never do any more work than is necessary in order to achieve the results you want") suggests that you don't try to write manuals from scratch if you can get copies of other operators' manuals and revise them to meet your own requirements!

To make this process easier, the manuals are available for immediate download as computer text files in the most popular word processing formats.

Immediate Download in Microsoft Word format $297
Immediate Download in WordPerfect format $297

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SM-101 About the Company
SM-102 Corporate Goals
SM-103 The Name of the Game
SM-104 Service Guarantee
SM-105 Expectations
SM-106 Basic Guideline
SM-107 Notions
SM-108 Glossary
SM-109 Restaurant Management Contracts


SM-201 Communication
- Newsletter
- Bulletin Boards
- Trade Publications
- Suggestions
- General Meetings
- Folders
- Messages
- Staff Briefing Book

SM-202 General Information
- Lockers
- First Impressions
- Radios
- Language in the Work Place
- Workmen and Tradesmen
- Solicitation
- Theft
- Behavior
- Unexcused Absences
- Job Abandonment
- Odds and Ends

SM-203 Scheduling
- Schedules
- Reporting Time
- Shift Changes
- Days Off
- Temporary Schedule Changes
- Overtime

SM-204 Sanitation
- Hand Washing
- Hand Sanitizers
- Hand Sinks
- Eating and Drinking
- Sanitation and Your Health
- Dumpsters
- Clean Hands Test

SM-205 Safety

SM-206 Security
- Kitchen Door
- Bags and Sacks
- Visitors
- Arrival and Departure
- Parking
- Restaurant Property
- Appearances

SM-207 Starting Your Job
- Orientation
- Confirmation Period
- Company Property


SM-301 Human Resources Manual

SM-302 Employment Policies
- Equal Opportunity Employment
- Company Rights
- Filling Vacancies
- Immigration Reform Control Act
- Employment of Relatives

SM-303 Employment Status
- Job Classification
- Employment Status
- Confirmation Period
- Conversion of Temporary Staff
- Rehire of Former Staff

SM-304 Work Rules
- Work Week and Work Schedules
- Meal and Rest Periods
- Absenteeism and Tardiness
- Overtime
- Grooming and Dress
- Advancing Pay, Cashing Checks and Extending Loans
- Non-Smoking
- Sexual Harassment
- Confidential and Proprietary Information
- Outside Employment
- Telephones
- Visitors
- Code of Conduct
- Problem Resolution
- Corrective Counseling
- Staff Meals
- Response to Government Inquiries

SM-305 Timekeeping and Pay
- Time Records
- Pay Periods
- Holiday Pay
- Overtime Pay
- Garnishment
- Final Pay

SM-306 Bonus Program

SM-307 Benefits Contribution

SM-308 Salary Administration
- Salary Administration Program
- Job Descriptions
- Job Analysis
- Salary Ranges
- Performance Appraisals
- Salary Review

SM-309 Time Off
- Holidays
- Personal Leave
- Sick Leave and Extended Medical Leave
- Bereavement Leave
- Military Leave
- Jury Duty Leave
- Court Service
- Leave of Absence Without Pay
- Time Off For Voting
- Compensatory Time Off - Exempt Staff

SM-310 Staff Benefits
- Health Plan
- Voluntary Life Insurance
- Travel Accident Insurance
- Worker's Compensation
- Tax-Sheltered Savings Plan
- Social Security
- Unemployment Insurance
- Tuition Support

SM-311 Health and Safety
- Alcohol, Drugs and Controlled Substances
- Medical Examinations
- Safety Inspections

SM-312 Leaving the Company

SM-313 Other Human Resources Policies
- Personnel Records
- Committees
- Professional Memberships
- Hot Line to the Managing Director
- Stationery and Business Cards
- Training and Development
- Political and Religious Activity

Immediate Download in Microsoft Word format $297
Immediate Download in WordPerfect format $297