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The principles and skills that make restaurants successful are equally applicable to the distributor sales force. Originally created at the request of a distributor client, this program does not discuss sales skills but rather awakens the sales force to those interpersonal skills that build connection and make customers more loyal. Price will always be in the mix, of course, but this session is about how to create a deeper level of trust and service that keeps price from being the sole deciding factor. As additional programs are developed, they will be summarized here.

Sales Is a Human Equation
How To Become the Vendor Of Choice Without Competing On Price

People love to buy but they hate to be sold. Sales is a "people skill" and those with the best understanding of people will come out ahead every time. The Restaurant Doctor offers some valuable insights that can help your sales staff create stronger relationships and bring more value to your customers. be more confident and relaxed when dealing with their customers and be more effective at generating repeat patronage and loyalty! In this no-nonsense presentation they will start to understand:

 Why your customers will listen to you ... and why they won't!
 The personal quality that causes customers to feel well-served and more inclined to buy
 How to become an expert at dealing with people, even your most difficult customers
 A simple way to reduce the stress in your professional (and personal) life
 Plus ... a few "boothsmanship" tips that can make you more effective on the show floor