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How to Kick Some Serious Butt in the Marketplace

A Well-Trained Staff Is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Face it. You know you need to do a better job of training your staff ... but something always seems to come up ... or the training resources you can find don't quite fit your operation ... or any one of a dozen other "good reasons" why you are doing less than you know you should do.

With more and more restaurants competing for the dining dollar, you can no longer afford to settle for "good enough." You must DO THE WORK that your competitors are not willing to do and provide your guests with a clearly superior dining experience.

I just recorded a program that can help you do just that.

What Every Service Pro Should Know About People

Foodservice is a "people business" and those with the best understanding of people will come out ahead every time.

In this six-part series, I offer some valuable insights that can help your service staff have more fun on the job, be more confident and relaxed when dealing with the public and be more effective at generating income for both the restaurant and themselves!

This no-nonsense video series will help your guest contact staff understand:

  • What makes foodservice a valuable "real job"
  • Why guests have a good time ... and why they don't!
  • Innocent mistakes that may be costing them money on every shift
  • The personal quality that causes guests to feel well-served and leave a more generous tip
  • How to increase effectiveness and stay out of "the weeds"
  • A simple way to reduce the stress in their professional (and personal) lives
  • How much a disgruntled party really costs them
  • How to become an expert at dealing with people, even the most difficult patrons
  • A foolproof way to increase sales and improve guest service - without having to "sell"

In addition to presenting my most current thinking on these topics, the new series also has a non-tipped version for operations like QSR, clubs and institutions where tips are not a factor for the service staff.

This series is not as much about WHAT to do as it is about WHY it works.

It goes beyond technique to discuss the principles that are at play in the human interactions you face in the restaurant every day. This creates a starting point that allows the manager to easily start a discussion with the staff about what the concepts mean and how they might be applied to your operation. Since adults learn more fro dialogue than from lecture, this improves the chances that the understanding will "stick" and become part of your competitive edge.

Each DVD set comes with an Implementation Guide that offers suggestions on how to conduct these sessions so that the staff will essentially do their own training. When the learning comes from the inside out like this, it "sticks" much better and you do not end up with the robotic, scripted behaviors that you see in the typical chain restaurant.

There is nothing like this program anywhere in the industry and with the chance to pick it up at half price ... well, when do you expect to get a better offer?

And you can try it out risk-free because you are covered by my 100% "You-Gotta-Love-It" Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with the Service Pro Program, you may return it for a full refund (less shipping and handling). No questions. No hassles.

Why Am I Offering You A Deal?

I have sold hundreds of copies of the VHS version of this program for $399.95 -- and it is a bargain when you consider what it costs you NOT to train your crew. My video producer thought I should offer the DVD version at the same price ... but I want to do anything I can to get these ideas in use out there in the industry.

When I first created the DVD program, I offered a limited number of pre-publication sets at $197. That deal sold out within ten days. I had planned to raise the price to a more appropriate $297 ... but my wife has persuaded me to keep the special price a little longer and see what happens.

So here's the deal: I have another 37 copies of the six-part sets of "What Every Service Pro Should Know About People" on DVD ... at only $197. When they are gone I reserve the right to return to the $297 price. In either case, Gold Group members can take $50 off the price.

If you are willing to act quickly, you can save a lot ... and make training your unfair advantage in the marketplace.

But Wait! There's More!

(I've always wanted to say that!)

To sweeten the deal, these 37 sets also contain audio CDs of the entire program so that you and your managers can review the program content in the car as you drive to and from the restaurant. It will help you be even more effective when you discuss the program material with your crew.

But You Must Act Now

This offer is limited to only 37 sets and I expect them to go quickly. Order yours now before the price goes up. You ... and your guests ... will be glad you did.

Special Limited Time Offer

The special DVD package contains the six-part series, "What Every Service Pro Should Know About People" comprised of the following modules:

  • Part 1 - I'll Do This Until I Get a Real Job!
  • Part 2 - The Power of Presence
  • Part 3 - Why Guests Don't Come Back and What You Can Do About It
  • Part 4 - Dealing With Difficult People
  • Part 5 - Handling Guest Complaints
  • Part 6 - Building Sales Without Selling

The package includes a Facilitator's Guide and a discount offer on copies of 50 Tips to Improve Your Tips: The Service Pro's Guide to Delighting Diners.

As a special FREE bonus, this special offer also includes the entire program on audio CD.

Order the Special DVD Package -- Tipped Version - $197

Order the Service Pro Program -- Non-Tipped Version - $197