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50 Proven Ways Trilogy

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The 50 Proven Ways series is three books you've been hoping someone would put out. If you could get 150 of the best ideas from the best minds in the business in an easy-to-read book for less than $40, wouldn't you want it in your professional library? Well, this idea is the essence of the Hospitality Masters Series.

[Note: these books are also available individually for 16.95 each, so the trilogy is really a bargain!]

These are some great ideas from Gloria Boileau, Susan Clarke, Barry Cohen, Howard Cutson, Tom Feltenstein, Peter Good, Raymond Goodman, Winston Hall, Jim Laube, Bill Main, Phyllis Ann Marshall, Bill Marvin, Rudy Miick, Banger Smith and Ron Yudd. Each notion is capsulized in one to three pages so you can quickly pick up an idea and get back to work. This is truly a working book for working people!

Here's what the industry is saying about these books:

"This book fits the way we operate. It is fast-paced and packed with hard-hitting tidbits. In a few minutes, I can pick up a great idea and get back to work!"
-- Greg Hunsucker, Co-Owner, V's Italiano Ristorante, Kansas City, MO

"What a great idea! I can't tell you how many management books I have started and never finished. This one has exactly the sort of information I can really use - concise and to the point. I want copies for all my managers and assistants."
-- Mark Sneed, Director of Operations, Phillips Seafood Restaurants, Washington, DC

"You can't miss with advice from the best of the best! I like that the book doesn't preach. It credits me with enough intelligence to be able to adapt these ideas to fit my particular situations. Why didn't somebody do this sooner?"
-- Mark Valente, Owner, Marc's Restaurant, Wheatridge, CO

"This book contains hundreds of practical ideas in an easy-to-read format that can help any operator increase sales, reduce costs and improve profit margins. It is a useful book for any food professional from multi-unit director to small kitchen manager."
-- William Dillon, VP for Market Development, ARAMARK Campus Services, Philadelphia, PA

"An invaluable collection of insights and experience from professionals who understand our business . . . filled with some simple "how to" solutions."
-- Marjorie Mintz, VP Human Resources, The Levy Restaurants, Chicago, IL

"A super-concentrated collection of immensely valuable sales and profit-building ideas. This book will be a tremendous resource to anyone in the hospitality industry."
-- David Newton, Director of Operations, Applebee's, Pittsburgh, PA

"This book is the perfect resource for busy food & beverage executives. Every page is loaded with common sense that I can put in my managers' hands for quick training of important issues. It's like a total Restaurant University in a book!"
-- Greg Gallavan, F&B Director, Winter Park Resort, Winter Park, CO

"As the owner of a restaurant, I am always searching for ways to improve my sales and profit. [This book] is a practical and effective tool for my management staff and myself to use for continual growth and success."
-- Chris Shake, Owner, The Fish Hopper, Monterey, CA

"This book is filled with clear, concise advice that can definitely increase the bottom line. I've read industry books that are twice the length with half the insights of this one."
-- Richard Ysmael, Corporate Director, Motorola Hospitality Group, Schaumburg, IL


Gloria Boileau
Internationally-recognized professional speaker specializing in environmental enhancement, image and communications

Susan Clarke
Internationally recognized as the #1" high energy/high content speaker author on attitude, employee motivation, customer service and sales

Barry Cohen
Award-winning chef, national speaker and former CEO of Old San Francisco Steak House

Howard Cutson, FMP
Principal of Cutson Associates and a sought-after speaker on customer satisfaction and beverage operations

Tom Feltenstein
The nation's leading authority on foodservice and hospitality marketing

Peter Good, FMP
Nationally-recognized motivational speaker and trainer to the hospitality industry.

Raymond Goodman, PhD
The leading authority on dining room management and service management consulting

Winston C. Hall, FMP
Speaker, trainer, workshop leader and owner of Tuner Communications Company

Jim Laube, CPA
Founder of and consultant in profitability and financial management.

Bill Main
Nationally-known author, consultant and speaker and 1996-97 President of the California Restaurant Association

Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
Principal of FoodPower, specialist in concept development, growth strategies, and merchandising with food and menus

Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
The most-booked speaker in the hospitality industry, author, consultant and advisor to operators around the world

Banger Smith
One of the recognized leaders in menu analysis and merchandising design

Rudy Miick, FCSI
Nationally known consultant in hospitality operations and performance improvement

Ron Yudd
Former Assistant Director of Food Service for the United States Senate Restaurants and an experienced speaker, trainer and motivator

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01. Marketing: keep it in the neighborhood - Tom Feltenstein
02. Get flexible, get cozy, get wealthy! - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
03. Expectations: the key to guest satisfaction - Susan Clarke
04. Pre-shift sales briefing - Bill Main
05. Build sales through environmental enhancement - Gloria Boileau

06. Start a late night menu - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
07. Change your menu to spark customer traffic - Tom Feltenstein
08. "WOW" your sales: the ZORK interview - Barry Cohen
09. Wine sales for dummies - Howard Cutson, FMP
10. Pick a signature item and grow for it! - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI

11. Making discounts work - Tom Feltenstein
12. Your uniforms leave a lasting impression - Gloria Boileau
13. The specialty drink menu - Howard Cutson, FMP
14. Tap the power of sampling - Bill Main
15. Build sales by creating more value - Susan Clarke

16. Stop wasting ... people! - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
17. Be #1 without being #1 - Tom Feltenstein
18. Sales mix: a tool for creating profit - Ron Yudd
19. Alcohol-free alternatives - Howard Cutson, FMP
20. Lunch on the Fast Track - Jim Laube, CPA

21. Put empty space to use - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
22. Color influences buyers - Gloria Boileau
23. Scripting and role play - Bill Main
24. Zone merchandising - Tom Feltenstein
25. Build loyalty, not the check average - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

26. Beat the clock to raise productivity - Jim Laube, CPA
27. Position descriptions that improve productivity - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
28. Checklist for a profitable purveyor relationship - Ron Yudd
29. Garbage - a blinding flash of the obvious - Bill Main
30. Improve beverage controls - Howard Cutson, FMP

31. Lower Worker's Comp premiums - Jim Laube, CPA
32. Purchasing for profit - Ron Yudd
33. Change your work week - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
34. Avoid the great bartender rip-off - Howard Cutson, FMP
35. Develop inventory stats - Jim Laube, CPA

36. Screen applicants, not applications! - Peter Good, FMP
37. "WOW" your staff: create psychological ownership - Barry Cohen
38. Open your books to maximize performance! - Rudy Miick, FCSI
39. 24-hour recruiting - Peter Good, FMP
40. The power of presence - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

41. "WOW" your community - Barry Cohen
42. Hire your way to profit! - Rudy Miick, FCSI
43. Just say charge it! - Jim Laube, CPA
44. "WOW" management: just TEAM it! - Barry Cohen
45. The wrong trainer - Peter Good, FMP

46. Hiring a bartender - Howard Cutson, FMP
47. The menu gauntlet: only the strong survive - Ron Yudd
48. Employee evaluations in 10 minutes or less - Peter Good, FMP
49. Higher motivation=lower turnover +more profit - Susan Clarke
50. Art & Science - Rudy Miick, FCSI

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01. Menu first - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
02. The menu as a marketing plan - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP
03. Your menu: cost or asset? - Banger Smith

04. What's your PQ? - Banger Smith
05. Create menu diversity - Barry Cohen
06. Quick service clarity - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI

07. Take your menu's temperature - Barry Cohen
08. Think gross margin - Jim Laube, CPA
09. Recipe costing - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP

10. Menu analysis - Banger Smith
11. Increasing prices without losing guest counts - Banger Smith
12. Keep the menu alive - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI

13. W.O.W. menus - Barry Cohen
14. Create menu magic - Barry Cohen
15. Upscale menu personality - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI

16. Midscale menu personality - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
17. Quick service menu personality - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
18. Think combination menus - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

19. Mini menus offer leverage - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
20. Develop signature appetizers - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP
21. Bar food - Howard Cutson, FMP

22. The specialty drink menu* - Howard Cutson, FMP
23. Alcohol-free alternatives* - Howard Cutson, FMP
24. Start a late night menu* - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

25. Dignify desserts - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
26. The user-friendly wine list - Howard Cutson, FMP
27. Wine list weirdness - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

28. Sales mix: a potent profit tool* - Ron Yudd
29. Categorize your menu - Banger Smith

30. Menu engineering - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP
31. Signature icons - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP
32. Page positioning - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP

33. Menu item placement - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP
34. Value perception pricing - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP
35. Rounding strategy - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP

36. Find a signature item and grow for it* - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
37. Menu delights - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
38. Don't forget the side dishes - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP

39. Fatal flaws in menu design - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
40. Profitable pointers - Banger Smith
41. Heart-healthy is happening - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

42. Think small - Howard Cutson, FMP
43. Paint them a picture - Raymond Goodman, PhD
44. Branding - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP

45. Picture this! - Peter Good, FMP
46. Stupid menu tricks - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
47. "Tonight we are featuring ..." - Jim Laube, CPA

48. Burn the menus! - Peter Good, FMP
49. Tell your quality story - Jim Laube, CPA
50. More stupid menu tricks - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

* originally published in 50 Proven Ways to Build Restaurant Sales Profit and recycled because it is so relevant to the subject of this book

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01. The secrets of SERVICE - Susan Clarke
02. Promises, promises - Barry Cohen
03. Satisfaction stinks - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
04. Why am I here? - Winston Hall, FMP
05. Platinum rules of service - Howard Cutson, FMP

06. The dead man's test - Barry Cohen
07. The priceless skill - Peter Good, FMP
08. Don't compete, EXCEL! - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
09. Achieving your service goals - Rudy Miick, FCSI
10. Expectations: the key to guest satisfaction* - Susan Clarke

11. Give them some love - Barry Cohen
12. Listen up! - Winston Hall, FMP
13. TCB or TCM? - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
14. Strategic service mission - Raymond Goodman, PhD
15. Empower your guests - Barry Cohen

16. There's something about you I like - Winston Hall, FMP
17. The three R's of service - Susan Clarke
18. Service with a SMILE - Howard Cutson, FMP
19. High touch - Barry Cohen
20. Build loyalty, not the check average* - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

21. Tips for good service - Raymond Goodman, PhD
22. The compliment - Howard Cutson, FMP
23. "Look into my eyes ..." - Peter Good, FMP
24. Give 'em! - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
25. Enhance service with food knowledge - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI

26. How are we doing? - Winston Hall, FMP
27. Improve your tableside manner - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
28. Scheduling for service - Raymond Goodman, PhD
29. Wait not, want not - Jim Laube, CPA
30. Service guarantees - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

31. Think "media event" - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI
32. Never run out - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP
33. Free beverages during the wait - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
34. Special service situations - Raymond Goodman, PhD
35. Improve service by hiring a bookkeeper - Jim Laube, CPA

36. Turning the tables - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
37. Service after the sale - Peter Good, FMP
38. Late-arriving guests - Raymond Goodman, PhD
39. Reinforce guests' decisions - Peter Good, FMP
40. Put the focus on your food - Phyllis Ann Marshall, FCSI

41. The art of the greeter - Banger Smith
42. The power of presence* - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
43. Create moments of magic - Rudy Miick, FCSI
44. Take it back! - Raymond Goodman, PhD
45. Wall of fame - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

46. Save your best for last! - Winston Hall, FMP
47. Different strokes for different folks - Phyllis Ann Marshall
48. The need for speed - Jim Laube, CPA
49. Solve a problem - Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor
50. The pre-shift briefing* - Bill Main, FMP, FCSI, CSP

* originally published in 50 Proven Ways to Build Restaurant Sales & Profit and recycled because it is so relevant to the subject of this book.

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You may have heard the old exchange:

Q: What is the secret of success?
A: Success comes from good judgement.

Q: Well, where does good judgement come from?
A: Good judgement comes from experience.

Q: OK, but where does experience come from?
A: Experience comes from bad judgement!

The joke would be funnier if it weren't so accurate!

Have you noticed that the School of Hard Knocks has a high enrollment? When wrestling with a problem, have you ever wished you could pick the brain of an industry expert who has "been there and done that" instead of just volunteering for yet another "valuable learning experience"?

Well, that is precisely the purpose of the Hospitality Masters Series of books.

We tapped the leading consultants and speakers in the foodservice and lodging industries for their most successful ideas on a series of topics essential to success in hospitality.

Hospitality Masters Press was formed to collect these gems, distilled from years of industry experience with their own (and other's) triumphs and tragedies, and present them in bite-sized pieces that even the most harried manager can quickly digest and apply.

The consultants, speakers and authors whose ideas are collected here are the best of the best in our business. At any meaningful gathering of industry leaders in North America, one or more of these experts is probably sharing insights in a standing-room only seminar or workshop.

When the leading operators in the US and Canada look for professional counsel, these are the names on the "short list." Our contributing authors produce the tapes that encourage and inspire thousands and write the books that become standard industry references.

We believe the books in the Hospitality Masters Series will become must-have additions to the professional library of every foodservice and lodging executive.

We think you will agree.

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