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Set-Up Requirements

Bill Marvin, The Restaurant DoctorI can provide my own LCD data projector. Unless you're renting one for other speakers, this can be a quick $600 savings! Just let me know one way or the other to avoid misunderstandings.

Other audio-visual requirements are as follows:

  • 8'-12' screen
  • AV stand w/power for computer and projector
  • 6' front table with room temperature water
  • wireless lavaliere microphone

I use a wireless mouse, so there's no need to lay down cable from the projector to a front lectern. In fact, there's no need for a lectern at all! Unless the audience is so large that speaking from a riser is necessary for visibility, I prefer to be able to walk around the room and into the audience.

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Questions? Call me at (585) 606-0000.