by Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor™

I recently returned from two weeks in Ireland -- both north and the south -- where I conducted training programs for several groups who had found me on the Internet. The question that repeatedly came up was, "What do you think of the restaurants in Ireland?" What I noticed was that the restaurants were only as good as they had to be to stay in business. Perhaps it was lack of strong competition or lack of a model for what was possible. Whatever the case, Margene and I had many good meals that could easily have been great meals if a few small points had been addressed.

It occurs to me that it is really no different in our country. Good enough seems to be good enough until some new competition forces operators to raise their food and service to a higher level. I know that everyone is doing the best they can at the moment, but doing the best you can is materially different from being better than you have to be. Why settle for good if you can be great?

Is it a waste of money to be better than you have to be -- to do more than is really necessary to give people an unforgettable time? Ask your guests!

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