Coaching Skills
by Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor™

Our model of management is closer to law enforcement than it is to anything else. "Find things that are wrong and fix them!" This is fine if you want to spend your life looking for things that are wrong. However, there is a more productive way to lead others.

I think the model we need to adopt is the coaching model. Coaches look for strengths. They look at the talent they have to work with and see how they can develop it to win. Coaches say, "You are doing well in this area, now this is the next thing we need to work on." Coaches help bring out natural talent and measure their own success by the success achieved by their players.

Coaching is inside-out education where the players see their own answers. (In contrast, what we saw in school was outside-in education where the right answers were held by the teacher.) To improve your coaching skills, get good at asking questions. Great coaches ask insightful, probing questions that cause their players to think. It is hard to get yourself in trouble if you are either asking or answering questions. It is only when you are making statements (preaching or lecturing) that you tread on dangerous ground.

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