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Some of the most powerful management concepts are also the most simple. Here is a "blinding flash of the obvious" for your consideration:

We all like to think of ourselves as smart people ... or at least nobody wants to think of themselves as stupid. Let's take a look at each of these possibilities as it relates to dealing with our staff.

Smart people always figure they have the best answer to a given situation. When a "smart" person solicits someone else's opinion, all the time knowing that they already have the "best" answer, they don't listen. After all, they know best. Did you ever deal with a person like this? What did you think of them? My guess is that they came across as pretty much of a jerk! In other words, they looked pretty stupid to you. On the other hand, when you solicit someone else's opinion and you have no preconceived idea of what you want to hear, you must really listen to everything they say. Now from your perspective, you may feel rather stupid but to the person you are dealing with - the one whose ideas you have just been so thoroughly heard and considered - you look like a very smart person, indeed.

My point here is that "dumb as dirt" is a very powerful stance to take when dealing with others. It is interesting that the less you know, the smarter you look to others. I think a truly smart person realizes that there is a wealth of information available outside of themselves and seeks to tap into it. Remember that everything you already know is what got you into the situations you are in. The only thing that will move you ahead is information that you don't yet have - and that will only come from listening to new sources and gaining new insights. Since it is stupid to stay stuck and smart to move ahead, you figure it out!

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