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  • I believe you don't have to be bad to get better.
  • I believe hospitality is a noble calling.
  • I believe most operators are capable of playing a larger game with more impact.
  • I believe it's possible to have a successful restaurant and a balanced life.
  • I believe in the inherent integrity of restaurant workers, and
  • I believe in creating a consistent, memorable experience guests will tell stories about.

If you believe what I believe, I'd love to join your team.

If you're not content with where you or your business is right now, doing more of what got you there is NOT likely to produce a different result!

If you really want to see a different outcome, perhaps it's time to approach the planning process from a different direction.

No matter the sport, every elite athlete has one or more coaches to help them get past limiting habits, refine their thinking, and reach their next level of excellence. It's true in the private sector as well. A recent article reported that 60% of growth-stage CEOs had an executive coach.

There's a reason the best performers choose not to work alone.

If you believe you and your operation are capable of more than you've seen so far, I'd enjoy a chance to work with you to lay out ambitious goals, develop specific plans to pull them off, and hold your feet to the fire until you actually make it happen!

I've got the time if you've got the courage to set your ego aside, entertain fresh approaches and exploit new possibilities!

If we were to collaborate on developing and implementing a solid plan to accelerate your restaurant's performance, I believe we could make some magic happen. At least it's worth a shot! Medals are not for the timid.

If this notion intrigues you, send me an email or give me a call at 585-606-0000 and let's see if we have a good fit.