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Don't Compete ... EXCEL!

"Be Better Than You Have to Be ...
Before You Have to Be That Good"

Are you tired of competing? Wouldn't you rather lead the pack and let the others chase you for a change? You don't have to be bad to get better, but if you're not continually improving, you are surely falling behind.

Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor, speaker, consultant, authorThere are lots of "good" reasons why your restaurant is in its present condition. I know you work hard and have the best of intentions ... still, good reasons are no substitute for great results.

So the big issue isn't how good you have to be to stay in business. Savvy operators focus on a much different question: "How close can I come to realizing my full potential?"

Instead of trying to compete, what if your focus was on doing what you do better than anyone else could possibly do it? What if your goal was to create a positive personal connection with your staff and guests and earn the reputation as a true Place of Hospitality? What would THAT do for your bottom line?

If you've ever thought, "There MUST be an easier way to run a restaurant!" you've come to the right place.

On this site you'll find insightful articles, uncommon resources and superior services, all of which can help you get more done with less effort and get your life back in the process ... but only if you're willing to Do the Work!

Everything is here to help you shift your thinking in some VERY productive (and profitable!) directions ... if you have the courage to let your life be that easy.

Some people have called me an expert on how good restaurants can become great. I'm more modest in my claims, but I HAVE had a lot of success helping independent operators create organizations that prosper in tough times and bring out their workers' innate ability to deliver exceptional hospitality.

(All workers -- even yours! -- are actually hard-wired to deliver great service ... and to do it because they WANT to. If you're not seeing that behavior in your organization, we should talk.)

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Bill Marvin
The Restaurant Doctor™