Bill Marvin intro - Biz Person - please read as written

If you think about it, your servers are essentially independent business people with a small four or five-table restaurant to run.

The better they run their small operation, the more money they can make ... for themselves and for the restaurant.

This program is really an exciting step into the concept of one-on-one marketing for the hospitality industry. Our speaker today has been conducting programs like this for staff and managers all over the world.

He is an adventurer. (pause)

He is an experienced foodservice operator who works with good restaurants that want to be great and with managers who want to get their lives back.

He is also a prolific author and I am pleased to announce that we have arranged for you to receive a generous discount on several of his books today.

His insights into the hospitality industry offer a refreshing change of perspective that can benefit us all.

Please join me in welcoming The Restaurant Doctor, Mr. Bill Marvin.