Bill Marvin intro - Age of Service -- please read as written

I don't have to tell you that taking care of business today is quite different from what we all learned in the past.

Shifts in customer expectations, changes in the workforce and the demands of the market itself make daily operations more challenging than ever.

Our prosperity in the future requires that we adapt to these changes . . . and our speaker today can help us do just that.

He is an adventurer. (pause)

He is an experienced foodservice operator who works with good restaurants that want to be great and with managers who want to get their lives back.

He is a prolific author and I am pleased to announce that we have arranged for you to receive a generous discount on several of his books today.

I think you will find his insights into the human dimension of hospitality offer a refreshing change of perspective that can benefit us all.

Please join me in welcoming The Restaurant Doctor, Mr. Bill Marvin.